. How to get Crafty with your Kids During Isolation

Okay, so this isolation thing is starting to get to some of us! For those that have been locked down in your home for weeks with the kids, hopefully some of these great craft ideas may help break up the norm in your house, and keep the kids happy for a short while! Happy kids, happy parents right?

These are suited to kids roughly aged 4-10 years.

1. Make Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Cut a paper plate in half, and use one half for the body of the Stegasaurus Dinosaur. With the other half, cut up a piee for his tale, a piece for his head and 8 triangle pieces for the spikes on his back. Glue all these pieces on, and using a toilet roll, cut this in half to make the feet. To slide the ‘feet’ on, make a slit in each side of the toilet roll to slide the paper plate in. Add a google eye to his face and paint your favourite colour!

2. Painting Flowers using Forks

This is such a great way to make a beautiful piece of art, using plastic forks! Start with a piece of paper, and position landscape. Draw on with a marker the stalk and leaves for the flowers. Then put some paint (or a few colours of paint), into different plastic bowls. Dip the back side of the fork into the paint, and press down on the top of your drawn stalks to make a tulip style flower!

3. Dinosaur Shadow Drawing

A fantastic idea is to get outside in the sun, and put some dinosaur figurines you may have on the side of some paper. Then go along and draw around the shadows, and colour in your dinosaurs! You can use A4 paper too, one dinosaur for each page.

4. Pasta Butterflies

Get some pasta bows from the supermarket and colour them in with some textas or markers. Glue them on some paper and draw around them to make them look like pretty butterflies.

5. Milk Carton Elephants

Grab an empty 3 litre bottle of milk, cut off the bottom and shape each side by cutting out a sqaure to make the ‘legs’. Remove the lid, then glue on cut up pieces of paper to decorate your elephant. Glue on googly eyes to finish him off – make sure you use different coloured pieces of paper to brighten them up!

6. Lion Weaving

Cut out a round circle out of paper or cardboard, and glue onto a larger square piece of cardboard. Using a metal skewer, puncture a row of holes around the edge of the round piece of paper, and a second row about 4cm (1.5in) out in a circle. These two rows of holes will be where you weave the wool. Using a cut off piece of straw, thread the wool through the straw, and use this to push through each hole to weave, and create the lion’s maine. Using cut out paper, create piece to make up the lion’s face and eyes.

7. Nail Painting

What a fun way to enjoy nail painting, without the kids getting it all over their own hands! Trace their hands on some cardbord, then cut them out. Place the cardboard hands on some paper or a tray, and stick them down with tape or blu tac so they don’t move. Then let them paint away!

8. Paper Plate Jelly Fish

Another fantastic paper plate creation! Cut a paper plate in 2/3, ensuring where you cut has a wave to it which is the bottom of the Jelly Fish. Hole punch holes all the way along the edge of this area you have just cut. Using coloured wool pieces, tie each piece of wool through every one of the holes. Add some google eyes and paint your favourite colour!

The Marsden Brewhouse

Cnr Richmond Rd & Hawthorn Ave, Marsden Park

We recently took ourselves off to vsit The Marsden Brewhouse, as we’d heard so many great things about the kids play area. And it’s so fantastic!

You can sit outside undercover at some tables, grab a coffee, and let the kids go and play. We were there late morning, and as they don’t offer a brunch menu, we had coffee, hot chocolate & some yummy chocolate waffles with hazelnut fairy floss – it was delicious! There’s also some baked cookies and small sweets you can have with your coffee too.

The play area has a wooden cabin style cubby house, several large climbing structures with slides for different age groups, flying fox, a tunnel and hills to climb over, swings and a cute little bridge. There are some shade sails, but most of the play area is not undercover.

The Marsden is a lovely venue, so there’s clean toilet facilities, and if you want to stay for lunch, they have a great lunch menu.

Make sure you head along and tick this one off your list!

Caffe 2773 @ Glenbrook

Our trip to visit Cafe 2773 in Glenbrook was such a nice surprise! We had heard wonderful things about this great cafe, but it’s another thing to experience it first hand. It’s INCREDIBLY FAMILY FRIENDLY, which is so nice as not all cafe’s are. All local organic produce it used in their meals, and you can tell as they’re so unbelievably tasty!

The coffee was delicious, and the cafe overall has a really nice feel vintage about it. You can really take a moment to relax and unwind, as they have taken care of the kids too! There’s a great little play area with a slide and cubby house, and it also has a petting zoo including miniature pigs, chickens and ducks. The cafe also has their own picnic rugs, so you can just grab one and sit out on the grass if you want to be closer to watch the kids.

Sunday afternoon they have live music if this is your thing, it really is a place to realx and enjoy yummy food from great chefs. This is one cafe we definitley recommend you drive to visit!

Clarendon Tavern/Hot Rok Grill

244 Hawkesbury Valley Way, Clarendon

We recently visited Clarendon Tavern, and had dinner at the HotRok Bar & Grill. It’s a great little restaurant, prices are reasonable, and the main meals were a great size, and very tasty. The kids meals are huge, and only $10 with free ice cream! Great value for money, and great for families. It does get busy around 7pm, so go early if you want to miss the rush.

Inside the grill, it has a nice feel, with a wall full of greenery. It’s casual and relaxed, and the staff were lovely. The Clarendon Tavern is a great place for get togethers, and parties too, as you can have lunch or dinner, then head into the back of the tavern area, where there’s a beer garden, games room and new playround area for the kids. It’s nice and spacious, so the adults can relax and still watch the kiddies. The games area is fantastic for older kids, it will keep them occupied whilst you have a wine or two! Of a night, there’s lots of fairy lights outside, so it has a nice feel to it.

They really have catered here for couples, families and kiddies, which is nice and it’s great for everyone. It’s been done up more recently, and overall is one of our recommended places to visit.

Livvi’s Place Elara Park

LIVVI’S PLACE ELARA PARK | Cnr Elara Blvd & Northbourne Drive, Marsden Park

The latest Livvi’s Place has been opened this year, and this $3.2 million developement is one park you have to take the kids along to. It’s been so beautifully created, and well thought through, as it has so much included for kids and families. The kids could play there all day!

The park includes:
Water play area
Toilets on site
Fully fenced
Free Parking on Site
Shaded picnic tables
Flying fox
Scoot/bike path complete with traffic signs, round about and re-fueling station
Trampoline area
Climbing structure with slide
Half court basketball court next door
So many more fun playground areas to play in!

Livvi’s Place at Elara is just one of the many Livvi’s Place parks that are all over Australia. Created by Stockland partnered with “Touched By Olivia”, Livvi’s Place parks are created in memory of a beautiful little girl named Olivia. The parks are inspired with the purpose of aiding children, focussing on those with disabilities.

Elara Park is very disability friendly, and there’s lots of play items for kids of all ages. This is one park that you MUST VISIT in our opinion!

Livvi’s Place Jordan Springs

LIVVI’S PLACE PARK | Montague Drive, Jordan Springs

Livvi’s Place at Jordan Springs is just one of the many Livvi’s Place parks that are all over Australia. Created by “Touched By Olivia”, Livvi’s Place parks are created in memory of a beautiful little girl named Olivia. The parks are inspired with the purpose of aiding children, focussing on those with disabilities.

The Jordan Springs park is just fantastic, catering for children of all ages, and those with a disability or challenges. There is a great water play area which is great in the warmer months, a see saw, a variety of swings including a disabled swing, a slide, mini trampolines, a climbing wall, sand pit and so much more. There is lots of parking right at the park, and the park is fully fenced with toilet facilities. There is shaded areas with picnic tables, and just outside the fenced area there’s a second shaded area with picnic tables, BBQ facilities, and a mini basketball court.

There are pathways all through the playground for easy wheelchair access, passive areas for children with sensory disorders who might need to have some quiet space, sensory play and great children’s artworks along the steps which looks so amazing. It really has it all! It’s nice and big too so the kids can run around like crazy, and you’re know they’re enclosed.

This is definitely a must visit park in the Nepean area, and worth the drive to visit!

Governor Phillip Park Windsor


Governor Phillip Park is down on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, not far from the Boat Club & Ramp. The Park was completely re-done last year, and it is just fantastic!

With fully enclosed fencing, the park has great slides, tunnels, in-ground trampolines, a whirly table, swings, giant musical chimes, climing ropes, and a fantastic water play area with fountains.

They really have thought of everything with this park! There’s a giant lizard and beetles the kids can climb over, and lots of little areas they can hide and play. The park is surrounded by beautiful lush trees, green grass areas where kids can kick a ball, picnic areas, undercover BBQs with picnic tables, and of course that amazing view of the river right there. It’s simply a stunning and relaxing place to be, both for adults and for kids. There is plenty of parking right at the playground, making it so simple to park and go.

This is one of our favourite parks in the Hawkesbury, and definitely worth a visit!

McQuade Park

McQUADE PARK | 361 George St, Windsor

McQuade Park is Windsor’s oldest park, and is heritage listed. The playground area is great for the kids, and overlooks the beautiful oval. There are park bench seats for you to sit and watch the kiddies, plus an undercover gazebo area. There is a fence between the road and the park, however the fence is open at one end.

The park has a great slide, swings, naughts and crosses, and a huge climbing area with lots of obstacles. If you’d like to have a little stroll to the other side of the oval, there’s a pretty little pond where you can go for a walk and feed the ducks.

Macquarie Park

MACQUARIE PARK | Bridge St, Windsor

There are some great parks in the Windsor area, but Macquarie Park is a great one. It’s a really pretty park to start with, and right on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. It has some fantastic climbing structures, a slide, swings, and has some BBQ areas that are shaded.

Whilst it’s not fenced in completely, it’s fenced off from the driveway into the park, but you’ll still need to keep an eye on the kiddies. You can pop down and have a swim in the warmer months, as there’s a little beach area on the river which is fantastic for the kids. Right next door is the Boathouse Cafe, which has great food for lunch if you want to grab something to eat and take it over to the park. You can also sit at the cafe if you wish. There’s toilet facilities on site too, and lots of free parking.

Definitely a great park for a family outing!

Jamison Park

JAMISON PARK | Batt St, South Penrith

This bright and fun playground will keep kids entertained for a long time. Suitable for kids of all ages, this playground is not overly old and it has a nice soft ground, lots of slides, swings, twirly gigs, a climbing frame, mini rock climbing wall and a scooter path. What’s fantastic and great for kids imagination is the crocodile, lizard and spider lurking on the ground for them to play on! We especially love that there’s a small play area for the littlies, so the older kids aren’t climbing over the top of the toddlers.

Older kids may like to kick a ball around on the oval next door or take their bikes or skateboards to the skate park that is also part of the park. It’s perfect for all ages and that’s a big tick from us!

There’s a great little area with gym equipent next to the scooter path, if you’re wanting to a mini workout whilst the kids play, plus there’s lots of shade sails over all the play areas. There’s a few bench seats for parents to sit on to watch the kids, and the toilets are right on site(and are quite clean).

Directly across the road there’s a take away shop, and if you are looking for a caffeine fix or something sweet, head diagonally across York Road to Café Lattetude (3 min walk). This park is also set to have a multi-million dollar upgrade over the next few years, including upgrading the sports facilities and adding an all-weather synthetic surface – something the area really needs, and will be an amazing addition to the park! We think this is one of the best playgrounds in the Penrith area!

Parks & Coffee – The Perfect Combo for Mums

Cafe’s next to play areas – within walking distance
We all love to keep the kids busy by taking them to a local park. But wouldn’t it be great to grab a quick cuppa to take with you to the park, and not have to stop multiple times, getting the kids in and out of the car? Read more…

Ham Common Playground

HAM COMMON PLAYGOUND | Hawkesbury Valley Way, Richmond

Your kids will love this park! Fully fenced, this little park is right across the road from the RAAF Base, and has loads for the kids to play on. There’s plenty of trees with shade over and seating to sit and watch the kids, and have some lunch or snacks. One end of the playground is geared towards older kids with a climbing frame leading to a large slide, as well as a full-size swing set. The other end is geared towards the younger kids with a toddler & baby swing set, as well as a replica train & plane for the kids to play (which are just awesome!) If you’re after a cuppa or something to eat, the café is right next door along with the Information Centre, and they serve hot food like pies, cakes and coffee. You can sit down to eat, or grab takeaway and eat in the park so you can watch your kids play.


Richmond Park

RICHMOND PARK | March St, Richmond

Richmond Park has really come full circle over the years, and the play equipment is fantastic for the kids! There’s a covered gazebo area you can sit under, or you can sit on the bench seats in the sun, or under some beautiful shady trees. You look out onto Richmond Oval – it’s so pretty. Grab a coffee across the road at your choice of two cafes, and sit and relax whilst your kiddies play. My kids loved the modern version of the ‘see-saw’. There’s a train they can play in, climbing equipment, a slide and a rocker. Such a fantastic park that makes you feel relaxed.