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. How to get Crafty with your Kids During Isolation

Okay, so this isolation thing is starting to get to some of us! For those that have been locked down in your home for weeks with the kids, hopefully some of these great craft ideas may help break up the norm in your house, and keep the kids happy for a short while! Happy kids, … Continue reading . How to get Crafty with your Kids During Isolation

1. National Geographic Online Kids Activities

National Geographic have put together some great online activities and fun for kids to read and do in isolation.There’s great books to read, fun things you can make, games to play and more! This is one fantastic & educational way for the kids to not be bored and have some fun at home.

2. Scholastic Kids Games, Printables, Books & More

Scholastic have created a fantastic online portal for kids, mainly for those aged 8-12. There are games, great books you can read online, an area where you can connect and chat with friends, and a virtual book fest. For kids of all ages, there’s also a great range of different character printables, including colouring in, … Continue reading 2. Scholastic Kids Games, Printables, Books & More

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3. Random House Kids Books

Random House Kids is a great site with loads of books for kids to read. What’s great is they cater for Toddlers books through to Young Adult books, and everyting in between. It’s perfect no matter how old your child is. There’s great videos you can watch too.

Caffe 2773 @ Glenbrook

Our trip to visit Cafe 2773 in Glenbrook was such a nice surprise! We had heard wonderful things about this great cafe, but it’s another thing to experience it first hand. It’s INCREDIBLY FAMILY FRIENDLY, which is so nice as not all cafe’s are. All local organic produce it used in their meals, and you … Continue reading Caffe 2773 @ Glenbrook